Our home looks fabulous. We are truly thankful, we chose you. From start to finish, building this house has been an enjoyable experience. Super dependable family owned company, very efficient, responsive, always willing to answer all our questions and very easy to communicate with.

Thank you for doing great work on our house!

Gurdeep & Reena

We have lived in our Aspen built home for nine years and still feel like we live in a lovely new home. The construction is solid and the finishing is perfect.

Unknown to both us and our builder at the time of construction, our lot (as well as those surrounding us) sits on a high water table.  This caused the basement floor to heave and basement walls to crack.  With both finances and labour, Wallie and his crew  worked with us to rectify this situation in spite  of the fact that they had no legal responsibility to do so. The situation was dealt with promptly and we haven’t had any issues since that time.

David & Adeline

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